Change of Watch – PACWIMA Executives 2021

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PacWIMA wishes all our Pacific and Regional sisters around the globe a Happy and Blessed International Women’s Day as we celebrate women’s achievements, raise awareness about women’s equality and lobby for gender parity.
Today is a significant day for us as we introduce our new Chairperson Ms. Dinah Inape-Omenefa and the new Secretariat Ms. Charcia Safitoa.
Ms. Dinah Inape-Omenefa joins PACWIMA on an interim arrangement as Chairperson of PACWIMA. Dinah currently works with the National Maritime Safety Authority – Papua New Guinea and heads the Maritime Standards and Compliance Department. Dinah has fifteen years’ experience in program management, policy development and regulatory functions. Two of these fifteen years was on Secondment to the Department of Transport under an Executive Leadership Program and managing programs in aviation and maritime safety and security. She graduated with a degree in Technology in Communication for Development from PNG’s University of Technology and a Certificate IV in Leadership and Management, Graduate School of Business Melbourne. In her capacity as the Chairperson of PacWIMA, Dinah is keen in working alongside the State Women In Maritime Associations in progressing the implementation of the Regional Strategy for Pacific Maritime Women 2020 – 2024 and in collaborating with the Regional WIMA’s, the SPC and the IMO.
Ms. Charcia Safitoa recently joined PACWIMA as the Secretariat, an initiative under the PNG National Maritime Safety Authority (NMSA) supporting PacWIMA and PNG Women In Maritime Association. Her skills are derived from her experience in Insurance, IT support, Finance, Accounts, Payroll, and general Office Administration. Charcia is passionate about delivering excellent administrative services while being a key player in the essential daily functions of PacWIMA and PNG WIMA. Charcia is keen in serving in this capacity to provide the support to PacWIMA who aim to bring together the efforts in the Region in raising visibility and building capacity of women in the maritime sector.
We thank the PacWIMA Executive Committee, all the State WIMA Executive Committee & Members, Employers, Governments for your passion and commitment in advocating for SDG 5 in your States and in the region and to all women and men who choose to challenge the status quo and ensuring there is gender parity in the maritime sector.

Ms Dinah Inape-Omenefa



Ms Charcia Safitoa



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