Anaseini Tukana

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Anaseini Tukana

PacWIMA’s vision is to strengthen and contribute to a sustainable maritime community by providing a more inclusive, safe working environment for equal opportunities, and fair treatment for all women in maritime.

Meet Anaseini Ratulailai Tukana, the Public Relations and Communications Officer and Executive Member for PacWIMA.

With over 19 years’ experience in the maritime sector, Anaseini has been instrumental in the campaign for the #D4WIM and holds true that the network of women in maritime is a need more so today with women supporting women the forefront of the #WIM network.

Anaseini has represented PacWIMA in a number of international meetings including the Asia-Pacific Day for the Ocean in Thailand highlighting PacWIMA’s work, the challenge for women in the maritime industry and what could be done to increase the participation of women and how the inclusion of women contribute to the protection of the ocean.

We salute women like Anaseini who are committed to raising the profile of women in maritime and supporting #SDG5 in the region.

#OurDayYourDayD4WIM #WomenSupportingWomen #IMO #SPC

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